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This Man is amazing! Absolutely professional! I was lost…totally. Almost deported to my home country due to all those paper work. I do not have idea how lawyers are able to be up-to-date with all these immigration requirements however Jacob is really educated and reliable attorney! I am master of “know everything” – this time I wans’t. I was doing my green card visa application by myself. There is number of guidelines in the internet how to do it so why do not try it. Though that I will save a lot of money but finally spent thousands of them just because of being stubborn. Now I know that law and immigration is really not my area. Jacob helped me with everything, starting from correcting entire job that I already “did”. That was really fast track process. I didn’t have time: visa or deportation. He organized everything professionally. That was really exhausting time but finally I got my visa. Zero problems, zero mistakes – everything on time. 5 star service, 5 star lawyer, 5 star person! Thank you Jacob!

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קייט תותחית, עורכת דין מעולה. היא פשוט הייתה איתי מקצועית לאורך כל הדרך. עשיתי איתה הכל בשלט רחוק דרך האתר. היא מומחית להגירה ובתור יזם היא מאוד עזרה לי עם ההגירה. קבלתי תוך 5 שבועות ויזת

איתן סולודוצו
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Hi All! Time ago I was reading a lot of reviews looking for immigration lawyer. After deep review of the most popular websites I decided to contact Founder Visa and hire them for my case. We were organizing O1 visa for me. I have seen many positive feedbacks about this company but after checking them on my own case I can so. Of course, everything was done on time and I got my visa however I am not too happy about the way how it was organized. I was not that easy to contact FV but finally when we scheduled a was postponed again and again. A lot of things have cumulated and in a short period of time we had to catch up on everything. Ok, I was not able to bring all confirmations/evidences on time but really that is not the level of cooperation which I was expecting after reading all of these reviews.

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I already have my hubby finally legally located together with me in US! I went to US for a business trip 5 years ago and spent here quite long time. I really felt in love with this country from the first moment! Once I got back from delegation I decided to leave my employer and move to States to follow my dreams. Of course, like a lot of people, I moved here not 100% legally. I was working in few places and finally set up my start up. It was real immigration roller coaster. I was almost 2 times deported back to my home country. I spent huge amount of money to find out and hire lawyer that will organize visa for me. To be honest, I was not at all happy about my immigration journey however it was mandatory so had to go through it. That time I thought that it all needs to look like this. Money on my account were melting faster than glacier in Antarctica. After huge battle visa was granted to me. Last year I got married and it was time to transfer my husband to US. Keeping in mind my private immigration story I was more carefully looking for possible solutions for my husband. Good that I was already in US since longer time and had possibility to meet people that faced similar problems like me. From my friend I took contact to Founder Visa. Joanna working there picked up my case. Joanna is not a lawyer, she is specialist so my main concern was: when lawyer did so huge mess with my application in a past, how specialist can be better? My friend recommended her services so I closed my eyes and decided to hire Joanna assuming that it can not be worse than previously. And that was perfect choice! Specialist can be better than lawyer and Joanna is the best example of that!! Now I know that it is all about attitude. Joanna was very patient and concentrated on my husband’s case. She planned everything and going step by step we closed all requirements on time and visa was successfully granted to my hubby. I really regret that I haven’t met Joanna few years ago when I was struggling with my own visa. I fully recommend Joanna and Founder Visa for any immigration cases. Do not be scary that she is just specialist. She knows more than few lawyers together.

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