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Communication is very important to me and Immigration Attorney Ursula Trimming was very thorough in her detailed explanations and was able to clearly answer all of my questions. She is very forthright about every situation, I appreciate this type of honesty that gives me an overview and allows me to make a decision. Ursula's depth of knowledge is beyond anything I've seen. Her performance, communications and overall service went above and beyond my expectations. I would recommend working with Immigration Attorney Ursula Trimming again.

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Marie Puertollano responds to calls and emails right away and she always keeps you updated. She made everything simple and easy to understand. Her dedication and hard work got me my F-1 reinstatement approved. She is great. Marie is not only a great lawyer, but she is also responsible and honest person. She's just on top of everything, reviews cases very carefully and being in touch. I would highly recommend Marie to anyone who needs an immigration lawyer. Marie Puertollano is the most professional immigration lawyer that I had a pleasure to work with.

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This Man is amazing! Absolutely professional! I was lost…totally. Almost deported to my home country due to all those paper work. I do not have idea how lawyers are able to be up-to-date with all these immigration requirements however Jacob is really educated and reliable attorney! I am master of “know everything” – this time I wans’t. I was doing my green card visa application by myself. There is number of guidelines in the internet how to do it so why do not try it. Though that I will save a lot of money but finally spent thousands of them just because of being stubborn. Now I know that law and immigration is really not my area. Jacob helped me with everything, starting from correcting entire job that I already “did”. That was really fast track process. I didn’t have time: visa or deportation. He organized everything professionally. That was really exhausting time but finally I got my visa. Zero problems, zero mistakes – everything on time. 5 star service, 5 star lawyer, 5 star person! Thank you Jacob!

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קייט תותחית, עורכת דין מעולה. היא פשוט הייתה איתי מקצועית לאורך כל הדרך. עשיתי איתה הכל בשלט רחוק דרך האתר. היא מומחית להגירה ובתור יזם היא מאוד עזרה לי עם ההגירה. קבלתי תוך 5 שבועות ויזת

איתן סולודוצו
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