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Excellent work on the O-1 and NIW Consultation!

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Cindy is one of the most caring immigration attorneys out there. She is a professional sensitive and kind to her customers as well as to me. Her patience and kindness goes as a long way. She and I have been working together for a while. She does a really good job.

Liran Rosenfeld
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Really appreciate Cindy’s work on the marriage-based green card. Not only did she provide very good service and expertise, she was willing to spend time explaining in depth each and every part of the application so that we can have a deeper understanding of the whole process and what to expect. Really appreciate it.

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Kate was very straight forward from the very first time we met. After explaining my situation to her, she immediately told me what would be realistic under the circumstances, not trying to just retain me as a client. I went to 3 other lawyers before hiring Kate. Best thing with hiring her- things turned out just the way she predicted. Thank you

Lana Dimagio
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