B-1/2 Visa – All You Need to Know

B-1/2 Visa, a.k.a B-1 And B-2 Visa

Let’s talk about B-1/2 Visa. First of all you should focus on the personal statement in which you explain the reason of your extension/change of status. For example from B2 to B1. The reason would vary (business or pleasure)

According to the letter you have to prepare the evidence, i.e: previous plane tickets or tickets for business that you participated in the past but also for conference meetings during the time of the extension.

What you need to prepare for B-1/2 Visa

  •     Fill out the form!
  •     Attach copy of your passport, of visa page, entrance stamp
  •     Resend I-94 (paper shows when you enter and how long you can stay)
  •     You will also need to present sufficient amount of money that will allow you to stay in the US.
  •     It is also very important to attach ties back home. Ie: school, work ownership of real estate, car, insurance, utility bills, tax returns, employment letter.
  •     Make sure to include the ticket to your home country.
  •     Now tell us, is it worth paying 500$ and get someone else to do it for you?


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