What are the terms & conditions of Money Back Guarantee?

As a general matter,  if the case is denied for an attorney’s mistake, there is the money back guarantee. However, if there is any conduct of the client involved or information not disclosed to the attorney or not known to the client that led to the denial or if there are unforeseen events such as background checks, admin processing, it would void the money back guarantee.

How does Shop Immigration works?

Clients request lawyers or immigration specialists who are non lawyers using our online platform. Clients may browse through our list of services, use our platform to understand what is the best service needed,  chat with lawyers or ask the help of the site’s customer service. Once a customer would like to get the contact details of the lawyer, the platform will automatically give the lawyers contact details.  A customer may pay & book a lawyer or a professional through the site. If that lawyer/professional will not be available, the customer will get other options through the site.

Customers may compare prices, read real reviews and make an wise decision on who to hire.

Customers may apply for money back guarantee through the site’s online “money back guarantee application” which is located on the profile page of the Lawyers/Professionals. A Special “money back guarantee badge” will appear on the list of lawyers/professionals that agreed to give money back guarantee.

Is Shop Immigration a referral service?

Is Shop Immigration a referral service?
Shop Immigration is not a referral service. Our business model does not involve a referral fee and there is no out-of-pocket expense for lawyers to join our network. Shop Immigration does not recommend or obtain employment for lawyers. Rather, Shop Immigration curates its vetted network of lawyers for clients who, in turn, pay a management fee to us for the use of our platform. The selection of attorneys offered to users who request a lawyer is based solely on objective criteria.

What is Shop Immigration

Shop Immigration is a curated online marketplace that connects our network of high-quality lawyers with customers from around the world and within the U.S

Shop Immigration also offers available professionals who are not certified lawyers. These professionals can be found at the “Immigration Specialists” section https://shopimmigration.com/immigration-specialists/

Is Shop Immigration a law firm

Shop Immigration is not a law firm. While certain members of our staff are lawyers, they are not practicing law at Shop Immigration and cannot render any legal services to clients. We inform all clients that the services we provide are not, and should never be, a substitute for legal advice from a lawyer.

What types of lawyers are in the Shop Immigration network?

Shop Immigration only works with lawyers that are full time immigration lawyers. This means that all lawyers found in Shop Immigration, live and breath immigration law.

We allow all types of immigration lawyers to apply. We let our customers vote for our lawyers. This allows our platform present lawyers from different locations, with a range of prices. To ensure quality, our administrators check for bad reviews and customer complaints. Once we find our that a member (immigration lawyer or immigration professional) of our platform had received multiple complaints, we take them out of shop immigration.

Can I contact the lawyer that i found on Shop Immigration via telephone?

Yes you may. Just make sure you make the payment via shopimmigration.com This way you are more secured.

Is there a guarantee I get for my immigration process?

No. Our site only allows you to choose, chat & hire a lawyer. We make sure the process is done in order. We are not responsible if your case is denied.

Does my lawyer need to be physically close to my location?

For most immigration services you do not need to be physically close to your lawyer.

How can I find a legit immigration lawyer?

Shop Immigration presents only top immigration lawyers and you can read reviews about each lawyer and service. Since we deal with immigration lawyers only, it is our expertise. We’ve done the hard work for you. Browse for the right service for you, find out which lawyers can help you and talk to them directly.

Can I get a legal advice from an immigration specialist?

No – You may not. Immigration specialists are not allowed to give you a legal advice.  Immigration specialists legal rights change from state to state.

In California, you may access this link: http://www.sos.ca.gov/business-programs/special-filings/immigration-consultant-qualifications

In order to read more about the qualification of immigration specialists please refer to this list:

Immigration Consultant Checklist

Pass a Background Check.

Submit the following items to the Secretary of State:

  • Copy of a current Surety Bond ($100,000)(PDF) obtained from a corporate surety (admitted to do business in California).
  • Completed Immigration Consultant Disclosure(PDF) form.
  • Copy of a valid and current photo identification. Acceptable forms of photo identification are:
    • An identification card or driver’s license issued by the California Department of Motor Vehicles.
    • A passport issued by the Department of State of the United States.
    • An identification card issued by a state other than California.
    • A driver’s license issued by a state other than California.
  • 2″ x 2″ passport photo.
  • $30.00 filing fee.

What is an EIN?

EIN is an Employment Identification number.  Don’t pay to get one. Fax the IRS with an certain form and within 2-3 days you’ll get one. You can get a en EIN for a foreign company if you don’t have a social security number.

Can I open a US corporation as a foreigner?

Yes. We recommend Legal Zoom as the cheapest option. Don’t use a lawyer unless you want to pay more.

Can I open a bank account for a US company if I don't have a social security number?

Yes you can. You need to have an EIN as a foreign company. This is the simplest most fastest prcess. Just FAX the IRS with a signed and filled SS-4 Form and you’ll get it within a few days. Once you have the EIN go to a bank branch and open your corporate bank account. Make sure you bring the company’s documents to show it is registered.

What is the visa waiver program?

The Visa Waiver program is a program given to certain nationalities (mostly for countries that are financially stable.) If you are from one of the countries on the list then you can get a 3 month tourist visa (b1, b2 visa) meaning you don’t need to issue a special visa to enter to the USA. You cannot work on this visa within the USA and you have to leave the country within 6 months, but you can apply for an extension of your B-1 or B-2 visa.

Once a foreigner gets a green card, can that person marry his spouse and get the spouse to get a green card as well?

Yes. The green card passes to your spouse & kids.

Does EB1 the only visa that allows you to get a green card within less then 6 months?

EB1 is the best option to get a fast green card. You have to qualify for “extraordinary capabilities” in order to be eligible to apply for EB1

How can I know if I'm eligible for an EB1 Visa?

This is the most important type of Visa and the most difficult to get. However, if you have a good lawyer and you have an interesting history that could show you fall under the categories of extra ordinary capabilities, then it could be very easy to get. Contact on of our lawyers to know more.

Is EB1 the only visa that can allow you to marry your spouse and get them to be legal in the USA?

No, there are more visas that allows you to transfer your status to your spouse. Contact us to get more information about this.

I overstayed and now I want to get married and stabilize my situation, is that possible?

Yes. Thousands of immigrants have overstayed in the USA and finally had their legal status arranged via marriage. However, doing this is not recommended and can make the process much harder and more expensive. It’s always best to follow the law in the USA. If you have this problem you may consult our immigration attorneys and get a real quote of how much this can cost.

Does marriage visa price includes the processin of other familiy memebers such as children?

The fixed price states for marriage visa does not include other family members aside of spouse. Please check for additional cost related to other family members.

What can I do to bring employees from over seas to the USA?

You may get employees to come to the USA on an O1 visa or L1 visa for executives. You can also invest 50K$ and get an E2 investor visa but only if you own 50% of the busienss you are investing at. There are plenty of other options. Consult with us and find the right service you need that will suit you.

What is an L1/L2 visa

Are you a manager, executive, or a “specialized knowledge” employed by a foreign business entity?
Have you been working abroad for at least one continuous year within the past 3 years?
Is your company abroad related to the USA business you will establish? Will the foreign entity continue to do business?
Will you be coming to the United States to open a new office location for your company? Will the new office be active and operating shortly after you arrive in the United States as an L-1?
If you answered yes to most of the questions above, click next to learn more about the eligibility requirements for an L-1 Visa and tips to keep in mind when submitting your evidence.

What is the fastest route to Green Card?

Each case can have different options to obtain a green card. Please contact us and we’ll give you a free consultation regarding your options.

I have 50K$ - can I open a business in the USA and get a working visa?

Yes. For certain nationalities there is an option to get an E-2 visa.

Does it matter which country I’m from?

Yes. Some countries don’t apply for certain visas.

How to obtain a green card?

In order to obtain a green card you must first learn which process fits you. Any person can make it to a green card. Contact us today for a free immigration consultation.

What is a startup visa?

Start up visa in the USA can mean different things. Start up companies can give their employees with an O1 working visa, a sponsor visaStartup visa can also be related to EB1 visa which can be given to entrepreneurs with a substantial record or contribution and that fits the extra ordinary capabilities.

What types of temporary visas is the best to get if I later would like to apply for a green card.

O1, L1, J1 and the best is EB1.

What kinds of Visa’s allow me to get a social security number?

Only residents can apply for a social security number. Latley, it has been an issue to get a social security number. EB1 visa gets you a green card faster than any other visa.

What Kind of Visa do you get after you get married in the USA?

You first become an alien resident. We call it a Marriage Visa.

Can i get married to a USA citizen outside the USA and later apply for a visa?


Where can I find a good immigration lawyer in the Bay Area?

Most of the time you do not need your lawyer to be physically close to you.

Where can I find a good immigration lawyers in Los Angeles?

Shop immigration site was born in L.A – Feel free to contact us and we’ll recommend you with top lawyers. In Shop Immigration you can browse for lawyers according to their reviews and you can compare prices.

I want to open a bank account in the USA. Can I do that?

Yes, any tourist can open a bank account. It is the exact same account, only without a social security you do not get credit.

I want to open a corporation in the USA and I want my immigration lawyer to help me. Can it all be the same lawyer?

Some immigration lawyers will help you. We recommend to open a company with legal zoom. It is the cheapest most common way.

I’d like to open a bank account but I have no social security number?

Social security number is not needed for you to open a bank account. Just a passport. The only way to accumulate credit is with a social security number.

What is an O-1/O-2 Visa?

O-1 and O-2 Visas are for professional workers coming to work in the USA. Look  at http://get.foundervisa.com/o-1-visa/ to know more about 0-1 Visa.

Does the USA government offer start up visa to foreign entrepreneurs?

Yes. There are different Visas for entrepreneurs. The best visa is EB1 and many entrepreneurs can get it.

What is an E1 Visa?

E1 Visa is an investor visa. Only some nationalities are included in the program. You must invest at least 50,000 $ to get an E1 visa. Learn more on this visa at http://get.foundervisa.com/e-1-visa/

Does marriage process changes from state to state?

It may. Consult with us regarding your case.