Hiring an Immigration Attorney Online is Safer Than Face to Face

Fact: When you meet face to face – You are not aware of how much it should really cost. 

Our benefit: You shop for immigration services with fixed prices. Easy to compare attorney rates, years of experience, reviews and expertise.

Fact: When you meet face to face – You waste your time and probably pay for the consultation. 

Our benefit: We provide up to 3 free consultations and you can apply for a safe online hiring with full money back guarantee that we provide you with.

Fact: When you meet an attorney, you will be handled with an attorney-client agreement.  Can you tell what hidden fees are there? Do you have someone to help you with that?

Our benefit: We go over the attorney client agreement with you. We make sure you are aware of all that’s to come and of any fees that you may not be aware of.

Fact: Immigration attorneys are human beings. They can make mistakes. When you hire an attorney, there are huge chances that no extra pair of professional eyes will go over your case. Many times the attorney will submit your case without letting you know about it.

Our benefit: Shop Immigration provides an additional attorney review of your case, to make sure you are totally safe.