Working with Leonardo was a great experience! Simply very professional, organized and honest. Special thanks for being always responsive and helpful. He always answered my questions - even if I asked the same ones over and over again.

Kevin J.
at 18/08/2017

Denise has been one of the BEST lawyers I have worked with. She has been very informative and patient throughout my process, explaining every bit of detail. She vested in personally to make sure everything happens in an organized timely matter. What I value most in her is her ONE on ONE time to the client. I definitely recommend her for services. After hiring her, I didn't have to worry about anything. She followed up on my process, next steps and regular updates.

Zuzanna Bri
at 15/08/2017

Excellent lawyer, very efficient and dedicated to her work, I truly recommend her, our process was really complicated and she was very supportive and accurate in everything we needed, the process was faster than we thought. We are very thankful for her service.

Agustin M.
at 14/08/2017

Mrs. Mcgettrick is an excellent immigration attorney! She is very knowledgable, dedicated, and caring. After noticing that the previous attorney I had hired was not taking my case to heart, I hired Mrs. Mcgettrick to handle my delicate immigration case. I was given such peace by seeing Mrs. Mcgettrick comb through every aspect of my case and by seeing her use all the resources possible to get the outcome I needed. I wasn't the only one that noticed. In court, the judge assign to my matter also congratulated Mrs. Mcgettrick for doing such and extensive and thorough job. I highly recommend Mrs. Mcgettrick as an immigration attorney! She is great!

Karina S.
at 10/08/2017

Leo Storchevoy handled my complex immigration case in a very professional manner. He took a personal interest and was always available, knowledgeable and friendly. I can highly recommend him.

David Colt
at 10/08/2017

Glad to share my experience with Denise with you. My first contact with her was in the last quarter of 2014, I had an offer to join a company in Houston and they hired Monty Ramirez Law to tramit my TN visa and Denise was the lawyer in charge of my case. This was my first experience with this kind of process / visa so Denise was extremely patience with me, she was always available to answer my questions and doubts, no need to make appointment. She helped me put together the entire file, make the appointment in US Embassy at Mexico City and helped me prepared for the interview at the embassy. She was even available by phone before and after my meeting at the embassy. Process was successful, smooth and without any problem. Main points for me in this process were her knowledge, her patience and her willingness to answer all my questions. A year and a half after this process I had the opportunity to move to another job in another company so I call Monty Ramirez for them to help me transfer the TN to the new company and they told me Denise was not working with them anymore. Anyway I made an appointment and met with Sara Monty who offer to take my case. Experience with her was too bad, she was in a hurry, didn't explain to me the process, didn't answer all my question and she charge for the 45 minutes I was there. About an hour after that meeting I called them to ask a couple question before I sign the contract but they told me Sara Monty was not available and if I want to ask questions I needed to go back, make another appointment and pay them again. At that moment I call Denise to her mobile phone, she explained to me the process, times, what would she need from me and offer to help me. Of course I signed the agreement with her, process was even smoother that the previous one. I did not even have to go to Mexico, she did all process and I stayed in the US all the time. After this process I met with Denise to ask her if I had any kind of option not to depend on a company to have my visa. She gave me different options, asked several questions about me, my background, education, etc. and at the end she told me my best shoot was going for a permanent resident visa for special skills persons. She explained me the entire process and what she would need from me (documents, letters, etc.). we reached an agreement and started working on this process. Again she was always willing to answer my questions and doubts during the time I was putting together all documentation. She put together all the file for me and we submitted and paid for the expedite process. We submitted the file on December 2015 and we received the approval on Feb 2016! Now me and my family have our green cards and we are waiting the necessary time to become citizens (and we will contact Denise again at that time). So in summary I really trust her, she has a deep knowledge in this field but she goes beyond that, she showed interest for me and my family, our situation and she helped us to find the better option and, at least in our case, has a perfect score (3 out of 3). The other big thing for me and my family is that she is always available to answer any kind of doubt and that, particularly in these kind of processes is a real bless.

Joel Gonzalez
at 09/08/2017

A few years ago I looked for an immigration attorney, I’m so glad I found Leonard! He’s very kind and respectful and provides you with a feeling that your case is in the right hands. And that's what we all need! Thanks to him everything went smoothly. Whenever I had questions, he answered and helped me understand the problem. Great communication skills, great feedback! Leonard, you are a real pro, thank you again!

Monica B.
at 09/08/2017

I highly recommend Leonard’s services as an immigration attorney. He walked me through all the requirements for the application and helped greatly with the overwhelming amount of paperwork. Aside from being a phenomenal lawyer, he is a great person and very easy to get along with, I knew I could call him with every question I had and it really made the whole process more palatable. Thank you again!

Beatrice A.
at 03/08/2017

Leonard did a very good on my O1 visa. He was very friendly and informative on the phone, seemed very organized and knowledgeable, so I decided to hire him as my attorney. He turned out to be an honest, compassionate person with great communication skills. I would highly recommend Leonard to those seeking representation.

Chris P
at 01/08/2017

Cindy is an excellent attorney. Before I found her, I was truly terrified about my situation in the US and Cindy was the one who made me aware of all my options. She was very professional and understanding at the same time. Her advice was clear and concise, she prepared all the necessary documents that helped me stay here and apply for another type of visa. Working with her was a real pleasure.

Mark Jakobson
at 31/07/2017

With immense gratitude I give Cindy 5 stars! She did a great job - she was happy to schedule a meeting, did a thorough research on my options and with great care and patience walked me through the requirements for the application and supporting documentation. Now I’m a happy owner of an O1 visa and I’m eternally grateful for that!

Mikaela Raud
at 28/07/2017

We engaged the services of e-Council Inc. at the recommendation of our law firm, MT Law, to complete a Market Study and draft a Business Plan for our newest project in Mansfield, CT. We were thrilled with the results and commend the team on their diligence, responsiveness, and professionalism. e-Council went over and above to produce a stellar work product and keep everyone working cohesively with an eye to the finish line! Thank you so much!

Jack Yang, Principal, EB-5 New England Federal Regional Center
at 08/06/2017

I was thrilled with all aspects of working with Lauren and her team. Their professionalism, responsivenes, and diligence made a difference in my complex E2 case, WHICH WAS APPROVED AT THE FRENCH CONSULATE TODAY! Thank you Lauren!

Denver T.
at 08/06/2017

Working with Lauren and e-Council was painless. Lauren wa flexible, diligent and responsive. The end product was excellent. We would recommend Lauren and her team highly!

at 08/06/2017

Thanks to the efforts of the team, we received Exemplar approval from USCIS for our BAM South project in NYC without a single RFE. Lauren and her staff understand the needs of Regional Centers and Developers and make the process easy and pain-free.

Dan Shields, CEO, AscendAmerica
at 08/06/2017

Lauren Cohen and team were a pleasure to work with and handled our rush multiple market study demands in a professional and timely manner. We were very pleased with the results, particularly in light of the very tight timeline. Thank you!

Kevin Tsui, Managing Member, Grand Commonwealth RC, LLC Thanks to the efforts of the team, we received Exemplar approval from USCIS for our BAM South project in NYC without a single RFE. Lauren and her staff understand the needs of Regional Centers and Developers and make the process easy and pain-free. Dan Shields, CEO, AscendAmerica Working with e-Council was painless. They were flexible, diligent and responsive. The end product was excellent. We would recommend them highly! Paul Roblin, President, Southern States Soccer LLC I was thrilled with all aspects of working with the e-Council Inc. team. Their professionalism, responsiveness and diligence made a difference in my complex E2 case, WHICH WAS APPROVED AT THE FRENCH CONSULATE TODAY! Thank you! Arie Assayag, CEO, Trajectoire Capital Holding, LLC To the staff at e-Council Inc. We were given this firms name to do up a business plan for us in order to proceed with our E2 visa process. I dropped them a line late one afternoon and by the next morning we had the paperwork in our hands for us to sign so they could get started. Whenever we do anything in business we like to get things done and move on to the next thing. e-Council Inc. operates the same way. They were quick, to the point and efficient in the process. We gave them the go ahead a few weeks before Christmas and I was receiving drafts for approval right before Christmas, it was amazing. With the quick efforts by there entire team they made the transaction run very smooth from start to finish and I would highly recommend them to anyone trying to get a business plan done. Thanks for all your hard work! Miles Rusnack Working with the team at e-Council Inc. has been a pleasure. They were able to take my unique and challenging case and turn it into a professional and comprehensive business plan. We were so pleased with the results and we thank e-Council Inc. for their diligence and hard work! Bert Bruggers, CEO, Bruggers Poultry Farms, LLC e-Council Inc. DELIVERS! Under tight deadlines, Diana, Angela and the e-Council Inc. team worked diligently to complete our second project in time for filing prior to the September 30 frenzy. We continue to be thrilled with their work product and ethics and will work with e-Council on all of our future projects. Dan Shields, President, Ascend America The e-Council Inc. team is amazing! Professional, diligent and efficient. We plan to use them for all of our EB-5 projects. Rhonda L. Randall, CPA, CFO, Gold Coast Florida Regional Center, LLC We engaged the services of e-Council Inc. at the recommendation of our law firm, MT Law, to complete a Market Study and draft a Business Plan for our newest project in Mansfield, CT. We were thrilled with the results and commend the team on their diligence, responsiveness and professionalism. e-Council went over and above to produce a stellar work product and keep everyone working cohesively with an eye to the finish line! Thank you so much! Jack Yang, Principal, EB-5 New England Federal Regional Center The team at e-Council Inc. was awesome to work with from day one. With their attention to detail and EB-5 expertise, I knew I was in good hands. The finished product is wonderful. Having been in this business for a few years, I'm happy to have them on board as my go to EB-5 source. Shalom Segelman, CEO of Shalom EB-5 We have been approved for our green card. I can say with absolute confidence that this would not have been possible without the solid 5 year business plan we had completed through you. That plan was integral for each step from E-2 to L-1 to green card, and it was never changing! Thank you so much! We are now finally able to rest easy and enjoy our lives as residents of the USA. Patricia Lacasse, CJPM Enterprises We were advised by Beshara P.A. that the EB-5 Business Plan that was drafted for us was not compliant. Rather than e-Council Inc. rewriting it, we engaged them to complete a comprehensive GAP ANALYSIS. We were very pleased with the results and found the team to be efficient, affordable and extremely professional. John Murtagh & Susan Berger, Woodmont LP - Trails Our Attorney Referred Us To E-council To Redesign Our Very Rough Business Plan. The E-council Team Did A Complete Overhaul Of What We Started And Paved The Way To A Smooth Approval Of Our E-2 Visa Petition. Thank You For Everything! Jason Taite, COO, Yay Promotions, LLC I truly appreciate the opportunity to collaborate on cases with the e-Council team. This definitely makes a difference, and I will gladly stir my clients to your company for future business plans. Tulio Suarez, Esq. Henderson, Franklin, Starnes & Holt, P.A. e-Council Inc. was instrumental in turning a confusing and complex business model into a strong, succinct Business Plan that clearly established the business's parameters and goals while meeting applicable visa requirements for my client. I look forward to a long and successful working relationship with e-Council Inc.'s professional team. Rana Jazayerli, Esq. Partner, Phillips Lytle LLP We are so happy to have connected with e-Council. Among other services, their amazing team performed several GAP analysis business plan reviews and helped us and our clients to redraft the business plans in compliance with MATTER OF HO. e-Council's GAP analysis service is a highly effective, efficient and affordable option! Kelly C. Freis, CEO, Hollywood Regional Center/HRC Management Co. Working on our first EB-5 project had its ups-and-downs but the e-Council team made the process much less painful and easier to understand - particularly in terms of USCIS requirements! They were diligent, responsive and professional at all times. We give the e-Council team our seal of approval! Frank Chapman, Esq., CEO/President, Old Faithful Investors EB-5 L.P. It’s been an absolute pleasure to work with Lauren, Diana, and the e-Council team. They are true professionals who produce top quality work in a timely fashion. Their responsiveness, excitement about the project and genuine desire to meet the client’s goals made them an indispensable part of the project team. We were thrilled with the superior work product and look forward to working with them on all our future projects. Nic Applegate, Managing Member, Gate Industries We really enjoyed working with Lauren and her EB-5 team. Their responsiveness and professionalism throughout the drafting made for a smooth and speedy process. The result was a beautifully crafted plan that met all the requirements of our project. We look forward to working with the e-Council team on future projects. Noel Epelboim, Managing Partner, Riviera Point Development Group I find that I need to write to you to express my overwhelming appreciation for the work that you and your team have done. This case has plagued us for some time... The end result is exceptional, and if this case does in fact succeed it will be only because of your business plan. Cindy Azoulay, Esq., KTA Law Firm, Israel The team at e-Council did a great job preparing my E-2 client’s business plan, which I believe was a big reason for his quick visa approval. I would recommend e-Council to others in need of professional business plans and I would do business with them again in the future. Cedric M. Shen, Esq., Maximilian Law Inc. (Los Angeles, CA) The e-Council team was instrumental in putting together a stellar business plan and assisting to direct me on the path to securing my Visa. I was very pleased with their tenacity and with the quality of their work on all levels. David Smith, President of The Salmon Man, a new U.S. company The e-Council team was instrumental in the development of our EB-5 Business Plan, which recently resulted in our first approved I-526 investor. Thank you! Jason Keller, Director of Real Estate, Harbor Village EB-5 AscendAmerica recently secured Regional Center designation from USCIS. There is no doubt that you and your team were no small part of that feat...the final product was, in my opinion, really strong. Thank you to you and your team for helping us toward achieving our goal! Dan Shields, President of Ascend America Regional Center We loved working with e-Council The professional e-Council team delivered a timely, well-written and comprehensive Business Plan which helped us to secure our L-1 Visa. Ophir Sweiry - Co-Founder @ eDealya We got our Visa and renewal using e- Council Inc.’s Business Plan services. The work was professional, efficient and thorough. e-Council Inc. played an instrumental role in securing our future. Daniela V. Sujoy (Spain) (2011) Operations Manager @ Palm Beach Foods, LLC I have been in business for over 30 years and have dealt with many consultants and professionals in my business career. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Lauren and e-Council to anyone I know and we look forward to doing more business with them. She was extremely patient and took the time to completely understand our business. They were very detail orientated, and I was impressed with the meticulous way in which my business plan was prepared, updated, and then sent to us in its final form. More importantly the business plan was completed exactly in the time period as promised at the start. Dilip Kanji, President, Impact Properties Inc., Tampa, Florida Lauren Cohen and her e-Council team came highly recommended, and we definitely were pleased with the results. Thank you for your diligence. David Tornek, Founder & CEO, Meat Market Restaurants Our firm has been using e-Council’s business plan services on behalf of many of our clients. We have been consistently pleased with the quality of the work product, the efficiency of the turnaround time, the level of communication, and the fees charged. We would highly recommend e-Council to colleagues and clients alike. Scott D. Hershenson, Esq. @ Polatsek, Counsellors at Law, Fort Lauderdale, FL I have known Lauren for approximately fifteen years. We’ve worked together in various capacities on immigration legal matters. Most recently, she has been invaluable in analyzing complex business matters, preparing business plans and facilitating foreign investors’ transition to the United States. She is efficient in her communication and fair with her fees. I recommend her to other attorneys and applicants needing her service
at 08/06/2017

We recently referred an E-2 investor client of ours to e-Council as they had a relatively unusual business model and no formal business plan. Lauren’s team put together a brilliant, very professionally presented business plan ticking all the E-2 boxes and including the necessary five-year financial forecast (the US subsidiary is a start-up). They also facilitated the certification of these financials by a US CPA. I cannot recommend them highly enough.

Matthew Amoils, Director ASG Immigration Limited
at 08/06/2017

To transition my current E2 to an EB-5 for my franchise business, we relied on Lauren Cohen and her team of experts. Their attentive and responsive service and superior quality work product exceeded expectations and they worked diligently to ensure timely and accurate filing. It was a pleasure to work with them throughout the process.

Sabine Juskowiak, French National. President - The Jusko Team
at 08/06/2017

I was in such a helpless position before I acquired the professional services of Abeer Amin. Without her skilled and expert advise, I would never have been able to accomplish and achieve the goal of naturalization by myself. Abeer has an excellent wealth of knowledge about immigration and related matters and coupled with her personal touch  and friendly demeanor, it feels like one is interacting with an invested family member who is also a highly professional attorney.

Dr. Tajummal Shah, M.D.
at 06/06/2017

Abeer Amin is the most exceptional lawyer I have met in New York. She has always gone above and beyond. She has represented me in several immigration processes, from F1 to H1 and back to F1. She has gone through all complicated procedures like a pro that she is. She is always available to guide me step by step in any legal issues and answers all questions very patiently and trust me I always have so many. Abeer will always be my go to lawyer! I highly recommendAbeer Amin.

Ubab M
at 06/06/2017