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    I am considering taking a sabbatical from work for six months and going to school. If I do not get a salary I can not be on the L1. To learn I have to be on F1.

    I’m already in the process to get a Green Card. Already sent the 140 and I’m supposed to get approved and shift to 485.

    Why replace? Because I want to go to school and I have been accepted into a really good program (School admission cannot be transferred to next year).Can I transfer from L1 to F1 in the US?



    You need to check if there is no problem with the green card.
    In other words, the F will not interfere with the green card process


    Oh excellent! I thought it could only be done from Israel, and since I know I’m going to be there in May I did not know if I should do it then and how this affects the status of L1. From what I understand, if I admitted the 485 after I’m on the F1 it’s fine, as long as I go back to L1 after half a year. But if I first submit 485 and then F1, they will not give me the visa.



    It may be true. You have to look into it in depth. It is not usual to ask for F1 if you are going to apply for a Green Card.


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    OShrat, we can help you. you can apply for a temporary visa or re-apply after your sabbatical. You can plan it to work. Just call us or go to and ask to get a phone call.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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