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    Ethan Jawad

    I file for my dad he got approved and then they ask him to get 601 waiver in his interview but when I file for 601 waiver they denied his waiver so I was wondering if there is anything can get done for my dad. It been fifteen years that he was deported because he previously used two names in USA.




    The I-601 waiver works in very specific ways:
    1. LPR or USC wife/husband can apply for husband/wife to overstayed their visas (for more than 180 days) and had an unlawful presence.
    2. LPR or USC mother/father can apply for adult son/daughter who overstayed.
    However, USC or LPR son/daughter cannot apply for mother/father who overstayed.
    As such, the i-601 waiver is not the best option for Ethan, we can see if he is a fit for I-212d(3).
Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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