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    I wanted to attend conference in USA.. for which I applied for USA B1/B2 Visa… and its got rejected. I am not sure where I went wrong.

    Q.1. Why you want to go USA?
    A : For ‘X (MNC company name)’ conference

    Q2. You are a client of ‘X’ ?
    A: YES

    Q3. What is your designation ?
    A: My Designation is ‘A’

    Q4. What is your Salary?
    A: ‘xxx’

    Q5. Have you ever been to US or visited any other country?
    A: NO

    Q6. Wt is your experience ?
    A: With my current company 2.5yrs

    Q7. What is your Industry exp?
    A: 4.5yrs

    It was rejected under 214(b) section. She didn’t asked anything to show (invitation letter and all).

    Now, I am not immediately re-applying for the Visa. But may b after 6-10 months.. for some other conference.

    My queries are :

    1.Where I gone wrong? Was it because of less industry experience or never visited to any other county?
    2.Will this refusal affect my next interview for same country or if I apply for any other country ?
    3.How should I prepare myself for next time?

    Thanks for your help in advanced


    Ankur Gupta

    visit more countries?????



    1. I think it was probably a combination, during the interview it was not proved that you have ties with a home country, I guess the officer concluded that you might want to stay in the US. Have you got any family or fiends in the US?
    2. It might, they will know that you have been rejected, as you  will need to specify in the DS 160. There is a question – have you ever been rejected a visa.
    3. I would advise to do it very carefully, you need to have a plan.

    We have a Polish speaking consultant, who can support you in form preparation and train before the interview.


    Thanks for your responses! Let me contact you on priv! I will send you some background on Appreciate if you could have a look on that and advise.




    Do it!

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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