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    Question from one of our clients:

    I have 2 daughters (10 years old and 20 years old). Our status expires on 13 June 2017 and I would like to extend it for few more months. Important info: my older daughter turns 21 at the end of June 2017. I am not sure if I should include both daughters in my application, or only younger one?  What about the older one – should we apply for the extension for her separately? She is also thinking of going to college here, so she will also need to change status to F1 once we decide on the course.


    Mierav Oz

    You should include your daughter for sure.

    Here is some useful information I found about Visa extension b-1 and b-2

    1) personal statement including:

    – A detailed description of all activities you were involved from the moment you entered US (concerts, parks, museums visited – specify dates and places), provide evidence that you have been there – photographs, tickets, etc.
    – detailed list of places where you stayed from the moment you have entered US (addresses, for example, I landed in LA 5th July 2016,
    5th July – 10th July – LA (address: hotel or if with friends or family – name and address)
    10th July – 15th July –  Las Vegas ( again – address: hotel or if with friends or family – name and address)
    Please provide all hotel, hotel confirmations, flight tickets, car rental confirmations, etc.
    – specify why you have not completed all the activities planned in the time admitted. If apartment rent provides rented apartment agreement.

    Also, any travel documents, flights, car rentals that you had since you came here. Including tickets to Disney World or anything else that shows you are a tourist.

    – Plans for the extended time – for each month (plus provide evidence that you have done some arrangements for that period – e.g. hostel reservations in the places you are planning to visit)

    2) Evidence confirming that you have sufficient funds to support yourself during the extended period:
    – please provide bank statement (plus translation if not in English) confirming that you have at least $6000 or letter of support from your family from home country stating that they are going to support you financially while travelling in the US – please submit as well their bank statement showing that they have enough money to support you.
    Bank letters are not considered as statements and USCIS will come back with the request for further evidence.

    3) Ties with a home country:
    – anything that shows that you are going to come back to your home country, for example, ownership of a car, house, confirmation of bills payment, letter from the employer, letter from the university, etc.,

    4) Ticket to a home country + passport photocopies.
    Passport – 3 pages:

    Main page
    Visa page
    Stamp pages
     Ticket to a home country with extended date ( so, for example, your status expires 1 June, you apply for the extension of 5 months, please provide the ticket for Oct. You cannot extend your stay for longer than 6 months, recommended – longest 5,5 months).

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