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    I’m Rodlin. I was expelled from the United States about a week ago. Indeed I am from Gabon and I of Gabonese nationality. End of 2016 I got 5 years b2 visa for the USA with multiple entries. Having come to the United States the first time on 28 December 2016 authorities gave me six months to legally stay in the territory. Unfortunately I was out <span class=”aBn” tabindex=”0″ data-term=”goog_1412777953″><span class=”aQJ”>in six months</span></span> because I came to visit my girlfriend became my fiancee and she got pregnant during my stay. However it’s difficult at the base, because she suffers from asthma, anemia and carries the gene for sickle cell disease. What makes that doctors have advised us that in no case it should remain only in view of dangerous pregnancy. I was his only close to the United States. So before the expiry of the six months that immigration had given me, I filled and signed the documents on the site of the uscis for a request for an extension of my stay. But no appointment online me have not been granted because there was an overload of applications and over several weeks this to helped make my excess of largest authorized stay. Me in front of this difficulty that wouldn’t leave me alone, I decided to return to my country, Gabon, after that the mother of my fiancée has arrived in New York for the birth of his daughter who was approaching. I therefore took the opportunity of his presence with the future mother of my child out of the United States and come back a few days later so not to be in total violation of the laws. Unfortunately upon returning to the United States on 3 October I was prevented by the authorities to enter the United States under the pretext that I had not respected initially my free time. Despite my explanations and verification confirmed the State of pregnancy of my fiancee. They decided to throw out me on 6 October. Today I am wanting to settle down and be able to work long-term in the United States. In current conditions I want you to tell me that they are my options and what your services could allow me to access that will to live fully in the USA that drives me? I want to clarify that all this has put me in cold with my fiancée and I am not sure that our relationship will survive despite the baby that will happen. I want so that solutions that could help me personally. Thank you for your understanding. And excuse my English, my first language is French.


    Addison roge

    Seriously? Why even try?

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