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    Hi everyone, this is Liran Rosenfeld – I’m inviting you to ask any question about immigration. There are immigration attorney here that will answer your questions for free.


    David M.

    What’s the difference between O-1a and O-1b ? Is there a price difference? it is not stated on the shopimmigration web site. I check with a lawyer and it seems that the price difference is 1000$ between the two visas.


    David M.

    If I get o1 visa do I need to stay minimum 180 days in the US? what happens if I stay 200 days in my home country will the revoke my visa?


    As far as I know you have to stay 180 days. Why should you get the visa if you’re not going to live in the U.S?


    David M.

    Ok. I have applied for money back guarantee. What’s the next step?


    We call everyone who apply. Now its time to prepare documents!


    A lot of people from Top schools are in their OPT year and awaiting the result of the H-1B lottery. If you are interested in getting more options, sometimes there are options via E-2 J-1 or even O-1 visa. I’m happy to help personally and connect you with immigration attorneys that are experts with business visas. NO consultation fees!


    Maya Kadusha

    They cancelled my green card because I was not physically in the U.S
    Can I get it back?


    Can I obtain an F-1 Visa and a J-1 Visa?
    I want to study and work in the U.S. Otherwise how will I pay my student loans when I can’t trust anything that happening with H1-B
    HE-1 is dead.

Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)

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