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    David M.

    What are the requirements to start?


    Founder Visa
    Immigration Specialist

    Items Needed for L-1A Executive Visa

    Foreign Company –
    • Articles of Incorporation (or whatever document opened your business with the State Government);
    • Certificate of Registration (or whatever is filed with the government yearly);
    • Board Authorization for California Start-up Business;
    • List of Shareholders;
    • 2015 Tax Returns (2014 if 2015 has not been filed yet);
    • Lease for Business Premises;
    • Telephone Bills and Yellow page directory listing, also include directions to business premises;
    • Profit & Loss Statements;
    • Balance Sheet;
    • Bank Statements (last 12 Months);
    • Company Brochures;
    • Color Photographs of Business Premises (15 to 20 inside & outside – also show company logos, products and employees in some of the photos), please mail, we cannot print out;
    • Organizational Chart (to include all workers names and their job titles);
    • List of all employees, with job titles and a brief job description;

    U.S Company –

    • Company Statement;
    • Articles of Incorporation;
    • Organizational Minutes;
    • IRS Letter for EIN issuance;
    • Stock Ledger;
    • Copies of al Issued Stock Certificates;
    • Bank Statements;
    • Business License;
    • Seller’s Permit;
    • Organizational Chart (for all current employees and future positions);
    • Commercial Lease for Business Premises, with square footage and floor plan. Rent a desk operations are not acceptable for Visa purposes;
    • Telephone Bills and Yellow page directory listing;
    • Color Photographs of Business Premises (15 to 20 inside & outside – also include photos of company logos, emblems, products and employees), please mail we cannot print out;
    • Business Plan;


    • Color Copy of Passport I.D. Page
    • Color Copy of Visa Page (if you are here in the U.S.);
    • Color Copy of I-94 (if you are here in the U.S.);
    • Employment Verification Letter;
    • Payroll Summary for the last year or whatever is Similar to our W-2;
    • Payroll Stubs/ Earnings Statements – For the last thirteen months;
    • Resume / Curriculum Vitae.

    This list is not inclusive; we may ask you for additional documentation.


    Bill Commay

    What is the difference between L-1A and L-1B?



    The L1 visa allows overseas companies to transfer executives, managers and business owners for up to 7 years under the L1A visa, and transfer specialized knowledge workers for up to 5 years under the L1B visa, to a new or existing US office.


    May O

    Another question on L-1A: I know that you have to be employed by your company for 1 year before you can get an L-1A. My question is do the days spent in the US – travelling for work count? What are potential implications if I apply after 1 year while I have had frequent travels to the US during that 1 year of employment? (Could that lead to denying the application or postponing the timeline?)




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