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    Erin Tang

    hey shop immigration community, maybe you can help me with this question. I understand from your immigration attorneys that I qualify for both O1 Visa and EB1 Visa and I’m thinking what is best to do. Any advice?



    Eric Tang



    Hi Erin, this is Liran Rosenfeld, I’m one of the co- founders at Shop Immigration and your question brought my attention because I had the exact same question when came to the US. But my immigration attorneys did not tell me what was favorable for me. Instead, he told me what was favorable for him, which was to go directly for EB-1. This led me to have a very un comfortable and stressing time.

    By all means, this is not a legal advice, just my 2 cents.

    EB-1 is hard to get. Harder and under more scrutiny. Both O-1 and EB-1 can get premium processing which means that you will pay 1225$ and get a reply within 14 business days. However, the chances that you will get a Request for more Evidence (RFE) is more likely with EB-1 while if you have a solid O-1 case you are less likley to get an RFE. Why not go for O-1 and then once you already have it you can apply for EB-1. The immigration attorneys at Shop Immigration won’t charge you for a full EB-1 case because your case will be based on your O-1. This is what I experienced. Also, you’ll need to ask yourself if you have time to wait for EB-1. I filed without knowing all this, and when my RFE came, my status was going to expire. I was trapped in the US without knowing what will happen. If you go for O-1 Visa that will not happen to you.

    The best is to do these visas from your home country. I hope all this made sense to you.


    Liran Rosenfeld.

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