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    Inbal Sagive

    We are a married couple applying for Eb-1. My husband is a musician with achievements. Today we have O-1 and we are pending for O-3 (for the wife) should we file for Eb-1 how much is the filing fee? Is there a double filing fre because we are 2 persons?

    While we are both on O-1 and O-3 can we travel in and out the US while pending for Eb-1?

    Does our O-1 status in risk if we don’t get the Eb-1?



    I have checked with the founder visa immigration attorneys and they replied this:

    For EB-1: You have 2 forms: I-140 basic filing fee: $760

    Yes, there is double filing fees.

    • The biometrics fee is $85 if applicable
    • The spouse pays another $760

    You cannot travel cause you won’t be able to come back while you in the process. You won’t loose your O-1 or Spouse won’t loose O-3 but it’s problematic to travel.

    This is not a legal advice just what we heard.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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