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    Dan C

    I’m here working in a startup as consultant. I’m going back to my country next month and I want to come back for another 1-2 years to work with this startup. What are my options?



    Hi Dan,

    Thanks for the question.

    The following is not a legal advice, but this is what we know:

    Maybe apply for J-1 visa Business Administration Trainee for 18 months. The process will take around 2 months (might be less, however, that depends on how fast we will prepare documentation).
    1. company that will petition for you – You will need few documents from the employer like articles of organization, business license, workers compensation policy, questionnaire. Please note that it is the best when the company is big, as the sponsor do not question too much. Sometimes J-1 sponsor does site visit before they approve DS2019.
    2. documents from you – diploma from back home, if no diploma, you will need letters from previous employer  – this will need to be adjusted to J-1 requirements, we can help you drafting those letters and we will need a company or companies from home country that will sign the letters. You will also need a proof that you have sufficient financial funds to support yourself at the beginning – around $2000.
    Once you have all the documents mentioned above, you will need to draft training plan, we can help with that, however, we will need some information about the company (brief description of the company’s profile, departments and name of your manager during the training).
    Once training plan is ready, you send it for review and approval to J-1 sponsor. Once the training plan is approved, Skype interview will be scheduled (around 15 minutes). After the interview, DS 2019 will be issued, with this document you will be able to schedule an appointment in the embassy to get your visa.
    E-2 visa is another option, here, if the business idea is good, you might get visa for 5 years. During this time you can develop the business and collect the evidence which will allow you to apply for a green card.

    Founder Visa
    Immigration Specialist

    Hi Dan, I can help you. Go to and get a free consultation.


    rizza foster

    If it is within your contract and depending on your employer if they renew your contract or not. By the way, to work in a startup business is also what I dream of, it is great to be part of startups business.





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