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Lauren Cohen

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The e-Council Inc. team is comprised of attorneys and various other professionals, including CPAs, PhD’s and MBA’s. Our practice is focused on the development of visa business plans and ancillary services. We are experts in the field, and boast a stellar track record of success. We specialize in helping clients achieve both business and visa goals.

NOTE: Fees quoted will fluctuate based on specifics of case and visa being sought!


We engaged the services of e-Council Inc. at the recommendation of our law firm, MT Law, to complete a Market Study and draft a Business Plan for our newest project in Mansfield, CT. We were thrilled with the results and commend the team on their diligence, responsiveness, and professionalism. e-Council went over and above to produce a stellar work product and keep everyone working cohesively with an eye to the finish line! Thank you so much!

Jack Yang, Principal, EB-5 New England Federal Regional Center
at 08/06/2017

I was thrilled with all aspects of working with Lauren and her team. Their professionalism, responsivenes, and diligence made a difference in my complex E2 case, WHICH WAS APPROVED AT THE FRENCH CONSULATE TODAY! Thank you Lauren!

Denver T.
at 08/06/2017

Working with Lauren and e-Council was painless. Lauren wa flexible, diligent and responsive. The end product was excellent. We would recommend Lauren and her team highly!

at 08/06/2017

Thanks to the efforts of the team, we received Exemplar approval from USCIS for our BAM South project in NYC without a single RFE. Lauren and her staff understand the needs of Regional Centers and Developers and make the process easy and pain-free.

Dan Shields, CEO, AscendAmerica
at 08/06/2017

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